Would you like to design a life in which you use your greatest and most unique strengths to help yourself and others?

Traditions of society often encourage "responsible" adults to suppress their individual dreams and distinctive gifts. By doing so, we are told that the sacrifice of ourselves will result in greater good for our family, friends, and society as a whole. We are not told, however, that setting aside our unique selves puts us in a minimalistic, tightly controlled box. Our dreams go unfulfilled, our unique strengths are weakened, and the quality of our lives is diminished.

When we learn to follow our dreams and nourish our uniqueness, we can find fulfillment, authenticity and Beauty Unbound.

By breaking out of this restrictive box, we have the power to nurture our dreams and unleash our strengths. Life can be fulfilling and authentic. Freedom gives us the opportunity to pursue our own definition of success. Responsibility to society comes more naturally when we live our lives to the fullest and inspire others to do so.

About the author

Dr. Sundar achieved the life of her dreams: a successful medical practice, a family, and material possessions that indicated high achievement. And yet she felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Dr. Sundar struggled with burnout from living a life focused on overachieving. After battling cancer at the age of thirty-four, her perspective changed. Recognizing that she was bound to her career, her relationships, and to society’s expectations, she felt trapped in a life that didn’t feel like her own. Through the pages of Beauty Unbound, share Dr. Sundar’s journey from the dark places of self-repression to the freedom of becoming her most authentic self.