My mission is to inspire women like you to fully embrace and celebrate their authenticity, so that they can truly shine and make a difference in the world with their amazing gifts.

Dr. Sundar is a board certified Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgeon with over 20 years of experience in the field of medicine.

I may have achieved success as a doctor, but deep down inside, I still felt that something was missing - something more authentic. You see, society had its expectations of me as an Indian-American woman with immigrant parents, who lived their lives by stricter cultural rules. But now, I knew it was time to uncover my truth and embrace who I truly am.

I want to help you discover clarity in designing your life with authenticity and courage

During my residency, I faced numerous challenges, including pregnancy and dealing with thyroid cancer in my first year of private practice. These personal and professional hurdles completely transformed my perspective on success. I also experienced significant life changes, such as divorce and a career shift. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion: empowering women to break free from societal expectations and embrace their authenticity. The idea of living life without apologizing and breaking through societal limitations is what “Unbound” represents. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Dr. Sundar’s mission is to inspire women to embrace their authenticity, helping them uncover their genuine selves so they can illuminate the world with their unique gifts.

Her unique concept, “Unbound,” encapsulates the essence of living life unapologetically and breaking free from the limitations imposed by society’s expectations. In her book “Beauty Unbound” and her captivating keynote address, she shares her profound insights on this transformative journey. Her determination to unravel the chains that bound her to a false self led her to systematically confront and release these limitations. Dr. Sundar firmly believes that true self-discovery can only occur once we break free from the confines of our egos and the wounds that have shaped us.

...we have the power to create and recreate ourselves as often as we feel is necessary.

Life is like a canvas, and just like artists, we have the incredible power to continuously create and reinvent ourselves. When I look at my life, it fills me with immense joy. I genuinely enjoy and find inspiration in my group coaching programs and my retreats. My relationships are strong and meaningful. I make sure to take time for self-care and pursue activities that excite me.

I feel empowered, and I’m eager to show others how they can reclaim joy in their careers and personal lives too!

Did you know?

By 2025, there will be a shortage of 90,000 physicians.

Source: Clinical Burnout and the impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions

Did you know that within the next few years, we’ll be facing a shortage of 90,000 physicians? It’s a concerning issue that barely scratches the surface. Not only does burnout and decreased productivity cost the medical field a staggering $4.6 billion each year, but female physicians also have to overcome gender discrimination and family expectations.

But fret not! Our group coaching course is here to make a real difference. By investing in yourself, you’ll be able to create positive changes and find fulfillment both inside and outside of medicine.

Let’s come together and have a positive impact on the healthcare industry! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Join our group coaching course today!