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Breaking Free from Women's Worthiness Wounds

March 25, 20242 min read

Breaking Free from Women's Worthiness Wounds

Professional women in demanding careers such as law or medicine, often face the burden of proving ourselves. We struggle with imposter syndrome so we tirelessly work to achieve success. Unfortunately, this approach only perpetuates the vicious cycle of our worthiness wounds, making us feel like we need to prove ourselves constantly. I

Worthiness wounds can stem from various sources. Societal expectations or childhood experiences that have created a deep-seated belief that we are not good enough. This belief often leads us to overachieve and strive for perfection to prove our worthiness. However, this approach only perpetuates the cycle of pain and suffering, where we are never truly satisfied with our accomplishments and always crave more validation through more accomplishments. Breaking free starts with acknowledging the source of our wounds and working towards letting go of past beliefs that no longer serve us.

Women are also bombarded with messages that we are not enough -from media outlets to our colleagues, we are inundated with impossible standards that leave us feeling inadequate. When we attach our self-worth to our achievements, we only perpetuate the cycle of our worthiness wounds. Instead, we need to start valuing ourselves for who we are, regardless of our successes or failures.

What's more, the pressure to prove ourselves can lead us to create monsters- large businesses that eventually consume our souls. We start our businesses with the incredible goal of financial freedom, pursuing our passions, and creating empires. However, when we don't have the end goal in mind, our businesses spiral out of control. They become a never-ending hamster wheel, pressuring us to keep proving our worthiness by achieving even more milestones. To avoid this, we need to start businesses with clear intentions, keeping in mind what we truly value in life, and why we're pursuing these goals.

Breaking free from women's worthiness wounds takes courage, authenticity, and self-love. By acknowledging the source of our wounds and letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, we can embrace self-reliance, self-trust, and self-love. When we stop attaching our self-worth to achievements, we liberate ourselves from the burden of always needing to prove ourselves. Instead, we can pursue our passions with clarity and intention, creating businesses that align with our authentic selves rather than businesses that consume too many of our precious resources.

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