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As the medical landscape continues to evolve during a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep our medical professionals engaged and productive.
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Opening Keynote
Inspirational and thought provoking introduction to the event
Breakout Sessions
Small group engagement with relevant topics
Closing Keynote
Challenging opportunity for the audience to initiate change
Opening Keynotes
How to improve patient satisfaction metrics by making the first patient YOU!

In this keynote, Dr. Sundar addresses how self care can create a positive impact on patient care. She discusses how spending time to take care of your needs impacts all of your interactions throughout the day.

Pushing Past Presenteeism to Engagement

In the workplace just like in life, presenteeism isn’t very obvious. Many of us are guilty of presenteeism in our own life. Being more mindful and engaged in your daily interactions will increase the joy in your life. In this keynote, Dr. Sundar will inspire you to live each day in a way that brings you satisfaction.

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"Dr. Sundar captured and engaged our clients' attention at our annual appreciation event. Every person that was at the presentation walked away with important material facts on how to take care of themselves, how to focus on the things that really matter, and how to block out the noise that many people pay too much attention to. Can't wait to have her back!"
Joe McKinley
Financial Advisor
Breakout Sessions
The Self Care Instruction guide

Self care is a popular buzz phrase right now, but self care is more than a bubble bath and some time with your friends. In this breakout session, Dr. Sundar will show you how to take your self care to a whole new level so that you feel invigorated and energized each day.

The Juggling Act: Entrepreneurship, Medicine and Family

A career in medicine is challenging enough but add entrepreneurship and a family to the equation and life feels like a juggling act that can spiral out of control at a moment's notice. Learn the key elements in gracefully and successfully juggling these aspects of your life.

Compassionate Authority

All leaders find themselves in situations where they must use authority with compassion when dealing with employees and organizational decisions. Dr. Sundar addresses this issue with insights for women in leadership.

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"In television news, when you interview an expert you need them to be clear, concise and relatable. When on my news program, Dr. Sundar took complex issues and made them understandable. She definitely has an ability to tell a story and her passion and audience awareness shines."
Bruce Hamilton
News Anchor WJXT
Closing Keynotes
What to know before you say “I DO” to Medicine

There are a few things everyone should know before saying “I DO” to medicine. Because most of us will stay in a medical career longer than our marriages, it is important to make the decision with as much knowledge as possible.

Did you know?
By 2025, there will be a shortage of 90,000 physicians.
Source: Clinical Burnout and the impact of Digital Behavioral Health Solutions
The cost of turnover in the medical field and decreased productivity from burnout is estimated at $4.6 B annually. Burnout can be a larger problem for female physicians and medical professionals due to "hidden" stressors of gender discrimination in the workplace and family expectations in the home.
Hospitals and event planners can use their diversity inclusion budget to help their female physicians, mid-level practitioners and nurses reclaim joy in their career which translates to better patient care, less turnover, and a reduction in medical errors. Let's work together to help retain our women in medicine and reduce the negative impact on the healthcare industry!
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